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Genre Comedy
star Sydney Sweeney
release Year 2019
movie Info Big Time Adolescence is a movie starring Sydney Sweeney, Griffin Gluck, and Jon Cryer. A suburban teenager comes of age under the destructive guidance of his best friend, an aimless college dropout
countries USA
Director Jason Orley
Aww, when pete says i never mentioned her once. Big time adolescence download full hd. Big time adolescence download full version. Turned into a Pete Davidson stand up special. Big time adolescence download full episode. I literally said how tf does he know sandra and remembered he was in birdbox.

Big Time Adolescence download full.

John Mulaney is the only person I could entrust Pete to. #BigNiceEnergy

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Big Time Adolescence download full version. Lol, I love him. He's funny AF. Big time adolescence download full length. Big Time Adolescence Download full article on foot. Forget Eminem who is here bc of Pete Davidson 😂😂😂. Big time adolescence download full time. Jimmy Fallon is 45 years old and has the exact same social capacity of my 14 year old sister. This man is just a gifted storyteller. Why is john aging backwards? he looks younger and younger every year! lol. Big Time Adolescence Download full article on maxi. 2:45 LMAO.

Big time adolescence download full movie

Bro they are both sexy af wish I could meet them lol. Big time adolescence download full text. Big time adolescence download full album. We don't know what rich people food is so we just assume it's sushi is the biggest mood ever. Big time adolescence download full youtube. Big Time Adolescence Download full article. Author note: The entire middle section of this part was rewritten as part of the HFY re-releases and updates. Check out the original version here:......................................... "Whaddya mean Phoebe left? " I ask, while staring at the guard in disbelief. "She was here only four minutes ago! " As usual, people mill around us in the Core. A goblin here, a lady there. The man before me shrugs. "They seemed agitated. I didn't want to bother Miss Berthol- I mean, Miss Hiro. She got in her truck and left. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. " I shake my head and sigh. "Yeah, I know. Christ. I thought she'd go hang out in a corner or something. Now I have to chase her down like a weirdo. Thanks. " "Anytime, Your Majesty. " The soldier nods at me and spares only a passing glance toward Solomon's eerie ghost figure. As he pushes past, the young man seems slightly unnerved. His discomfort at the presence of a half-dead spirit might make me laugh under different circumstances. Sadly, my mind is focused entirely on finding my wife so I can apologize to her and Samantha. Solomon watches as the soldier walks away. "It's been quite literally thousands of years since someone looked me in the eye. I'm used to staring at people's soul energy, not holding conversations on equal terms with flesh-and-blood beings. " I turn and start walking toward the gate to Tarus II. "How does that work? Staring at, err, 'soul energy, ' I mean. When I spoke to you in my mind, I thought we were talking man-to-man. " "Nope. You appeared to me like a shapeless blob of milk floating in the air. The projection you saw was little more than your imagination filling in the blanks for my brilliant countenance. Of course, my Crown did provide a little assistance. " After stepping through the portal, I yawn to pop my eardrums. "Neat. Do you think Phoebe went to Hero City, or elsewhere? Maybe she and Samantha went out for a picnic. " Solomon groans. "Jason. When women are mad at you, they wish to be left alone, but generally, a picnic is not at the top of their itinerary. They'll probably chat with each other for a while, and that will be the end of it. A few boring, sexless weeks await, and you'll move past your differences. " A moment passes. I sweep my gaze around, and Solomon steps in front of me. "Do you love Phoebe? " "Of course I do. That's a stupid question. " "And she loves you? " "Uh. Well, yes. I don't want to use a cheesy word like 'soulmate, ' but... " "Then you have no reason to worry! " Solomon laughs while grinning like a Cheshire cat. "I've had a few million quarrels with women. For one thing, having infinite knowledge meant I was always correct, and they didn't want to admit their arguments were vastly inferior to mine. However, I often learned to say I was wrong to put an end to the quibbling. My life became much simpler as a result. " I force myself not to roll my eyes. "At least you're humble about your intelligence. " "Indeed. " The king snaps his fingers. "Can't you use your Wordsmithing to find Phoebe? The sooner you apologize and own up to your mistake, the sooner we can move on to more important matters. " I stare into the distance, but I can't see Phoebe's truck anywhere. "I can use my Locate spell to track her, but after what happened with Hope, I'd rather not. I'll go home and pray she's there. It'll have to do. " "Mmm. The spying thing. Even though I barely know you, I can see your heart was in the right place. I'm sure your copycat will accept your apology. " "You're probably right. I dunno. " The two of us walk and float through the warp-gate to Tarus II and down the steps out past the security perimeter. Once I arrive on the paved road, I stand off to the side and exhale. "Man, something's bothering me about what Hope said. I called us identical, and he immediately insisted we were different. I don't understand how that can be true. I cloned him from myself barely a week ago. I could understand a few minor differences, but he acted like he was born on a different planet. " "Wasn't he? " Solomon rests his hands on his hips. "You made him here in the Labyrinth. You were born on Earth. That seems like a different planet to me. " "I mean, okay, sure, but that's nitpicking. My point is that Hope had all of my memories, my looks, my emotions, everything was identical right up to the moment of his creation. What the hell could change in a week? " "I don't know, " Solomon replies. "Not about him specifically, anyway. A person's world can change in five minutes, though. What experiences do you and he share, and what have the two of you lived differently? " I ponder Solomon's question. A minute passes. Two. Three. "Well, Hope fought Uriel while I stayed behind. I barely know how that went. I'm married to Phoebe... but he has nobody. Now that you mention it, there are a few other differences. I didn't think they were major at first, but maybe you're onto something. " "Of course I am, you simple-minded child! I'm the bloody Knowledge-Seeker. I'm always right. " Solomon groans again and spins on his heel. "Why don't you try looking at things from his perspective? If he really was you until the moment you created him, but you're the one getting married while he isn't, how would you feel if you watched Phoebe get stripped away by another man? Even if that man was technically you? " "Well, I'd... I'd feel pretty terrible. " "Precisely. Awful, alone, confused. Hope has to reinvent his entire identity. Why, it would be like stepping from one epoch of humanity's timeline into another! A jarring and unwelcome change of scenery that would force one to adapt. Surely you know what I mean. " "I do. You're referring to the Cryopod. You told me you were frightened and scared when you first emerged. It's a natural sensation when one arrives at an unknown destination. For example, if a man comes home to his faithful wife and sees her in bed with another, his existence will shatter. In an instant, he will call into question every moment they shared, every secret, and deep inside his heart, he will shift into a different person entirely. For Hope, he shares all of your memories, so I imagine that right as he was growing comfortable in his new life, met a nice girl, became a Hero that saved everyone from demons and monsters... he was suddenly torn out of all of that and told he needed to rebuild again. That's two major blows to his psyche in one year, and you're both barely out of your adolescent phases. " I stare ahead numbly, looking not at Solomon, but through him. "Wow. I never thought of that. I've been a terrible friend. " "Simply dreadful. " "I should have put myself in his shoes and talked to him more. " "Agreed. " "Solomon, your snark isn't helping. " "I don't care. " The King chuckles to himself about something. "Heh, the first step to solving a problem is to recognize there is one in the first place. Even the wisest sometimes struggle with that. " "Including you? " "No. " This time it's me who groans. "You're so humble. I'm going to make a vehicle. Gimme a sec. " I take a minute to imagine the inner workings of my Ferrari. Its contours, the engine. Before I finish, Solomon speaks. "Hold on. What are you imagining? " "A car. I have a Ferrari I like to drive. " "Yes. I can see the image in your head. But a vehicle that drives on wheels will be significantly slower and more dangerous than a hovercraft or even a spaceship. Here, let me assist you. " Solomon closes his eyes. A moment later, his mouth opens. " SAEN DHA WUSNR UL DHA WERR I LAAN DU RAA DHA FAISCRA AED DHA ELDARUFA FIRD UID DHA FIL ELN SHAARA ELN RAD'R SERR AID E NEIRR. " Solomon speaks a series of unintelligible, screechy sounds that nearly make me yank the Crown off my head. Whatever he's saying, they aren't words. Even the Crown can't translate them for me. He opens his eyes. "There. I've loaded up a basic template for a miniature spacecraft. With this, you can house a crew of up to four people comfortably. " Solomon's design appears in my mind. The ship looks like something from a sci-fi movie, with a sleek silver hull, a pointed nose, an engine on each wing, and a hyperdrive in the back. However... "Why the gold lining and baubles? Why did you design this ship with all these rubies and gems all over the hull? I don't understand Bedazzling the exterior of a spaceship. " Solomon scoffs. "You're the bloody Hero! You need to travel in style! People respect and fawn over those who cover themselves in riches and jewelry. It's only natural for the almighty Hero to make people stop and stare when he flies past. " "I think you're going a little too far. " "Psh. I knew you'd complain. I resisted the urge to make the entire exterior solid-gold, but you still whine like a billy goat. " "I'm not whining. " Solomon rolls his eyes. He flaps his hands at me and says in a mocking voice, " I'm not whining. " I sigh. "Solomon... I don't know if anyone has ever told you this before... but you're an asshole sometimes. " "Only sometimes? It's supposed to be constant. " "At least you don't deny it. " I aim my mind at an empty area of the road and speak aloud. " Ship. " Within five seconds, the spacecraft materializes and gently plunks onto the asphalt. It's much bigger in person compared to my mind, standing twenty feet tall, thirty feet wide, and about eighty-feet long. Considering all of the internal mechanisms, it's probably significantly smaller inside. The entry platform lowers. I walk over to it and grumble to myself about the stupid rhinestones, rubies, and gems embedded all over the side of the craft. A Bedazzled spacecraft is the opposite of badass. Solomon follows me. Once inside, I gaze around and take in the sights. It's much roomier than I expected, with a single unbroken hallway leading all the way to the beds in the back, bathrooms in the middle, and an open dining area along the way. I expected something akin to a large RV, but it's more like a small house. I make my way to the cockpit and sit down. Thanks to the Crown, I know what every button, knob, and dial does, but it still feels very... alien. Solomon sits in the co-pilot seat. "We should give this beautiful lady a name. " "Like what? " "Oh, I don't know. Something extravagant and mysterious, exuding warmth and wealth. " "None of those adjectives belong in the same sentence. " "Bloody hell, not this again. Always with the complaining... " Solomon trails off. "Ah, I've got it! How about Esther? " "You want me to name the ship... Esther? " "Sure! It's a beautiful name! Esther was one of only two women to have an entire book of the Holy Bible devoted to them. The other was my great-great-grandmother, Ruth. " Solomon pauses for a moment before continuing. "Have you, perchance, ever read the Bible? " "A bit, but only if one of my foster families dragged me to church. I'm more into ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. The Bible didn't do it for me. " Solomon purses his lips. "So that's how it is, eh? " "I read about you! " That satisfies him. "Good. My appearance is the most important part of the entire Bible. " "Okay, now you've gone too far. You're not more important than Jesus. " "Sure, I am. " "Bullshit! " "It's true. " "Yeah, okay. If you say so. " I turn away from him and activate the ship's thrusters. Several button presses later, it ascends into the sky. A sensation of disorientation hits me as we ascend. The gradual climb is so smooth that looking through the windows outside is more like watching a television screen. I don't feel the movement at all. Solomon reads my mind. "Inertia dampeners. " "Cool. " By the time Esther has hovered a hundred feet up, my eyes raise to the stars above. Solomon leans back in his chair. "Let's take a detour, Jason. ".............................................. I've spent months using my new powers, and never once did I consider venturing into space. Now that I'm here, I can't believe myself. I was an idiot. Thousands, millions, perhaps billions of specks of light dot the sky. Far in the distance, Tarus II's sun, Vorus, burns radiantly. Its light would usually damage my eyes, but thanks to ultraviolet shielding on Esther's front window, it doesn't. Two small moons orbit Tarus II. Esther highlights several points of interest in the space around our planet, including a comet and an asteroid caught in orbit. Solomon rubs his hands together. "Breathtaking, isn't it? I remember my first time leaving Earth's atmosphere. I saw several videos of astronauts and the Moon Landing, but entering space is different compared to watching videos or looking at images. " "Yeah. It's something else. Takes my breath away. " "The Volgrim and the Demons own much, if not all of the galaxy by now. The stars we see are only those nearest us within a thousand light-years or so. I would be surprised if any of them were free of the reach of our enemies. " I slump in my seat. "A hundred thousand years is a long time... but surely there must be some planets they haven't defiled yet? Is it even possible to colonize millions of planets in only tens of thousands of years? " "Perhaps not thousands, " Solomon murmurs. "But the Volgrim are an ancient species, descending from ancestors millions of years older than humanity. They had plenty of time to colonize the galaxy long before they met our species. " Solomon's eyes turn distant. "Humans believed they were alone in the universe for thousands of years. Despite our awareness of angels, beings who once lived among the stars, we arrogantly viewed ourselves as the lone seed of life drifting throughout the infinite void. We were wrong. Even I held incorrect assumptions, as I did not learn of the Volgrim's existence until the rest of my species did. " "The Milky Way is a single speck among billions of other specks. Our pretty little spiral houses tens of thousands of habitable worlds, and the Volgrim have long since laid claim to most, if not all of them. They watched humanity's rise from the primordial soup with the same dispassionate gaze as they did all the other planets teeming with life. It was only once we achieved a certain technological epoch that their worried gazes fell upon us. Thus began the Energy Wars. " "You mentioned the Energy Wars before, " I say. "I know we ultimately lost, but did we stand any chance of winning at all? " "Solomon sighs. "No. We were about as threatening to the Volgrim as an ant to a boot. Even had I joined my intellect with King Arthur's might and Joan of Arc's courage, we would have inevitably lost the war, so powerful was the fist of our oppressors. " "I have Wordsmithing, though, " I say. "Maybe you three couldn't have saved humanity, but I could. I should have been able to do something. " "Don't blame yourself, Jason. I suspect you entered the cryopod as part of the Creator's divine will. Had you fought on Earth, you might have perished along with the rest of humanity. Things are not always as they seem. "Maybe so, but I still feel guilty every day. I wish I had done something. I wish I could go back and fix everything. " "Regret is a crucial part of life's adventure, " Solomon says, solemnly. "Everyone has regrets. Even me. " A few moments pass. The ancient king sighs. "We've admired the view. Now, let us return home. I thought taking a short break from all your worries to see a purer form of the universe would do you some good. Sadly, duty calls. " Instead of turning the ship back toward Tarus II, I stare at the moon orbiting Tarus II. "Hey, maybe this is a stupid question, but how hospitable would you say Kelkin is? Tarus II's moon, I mean. " Solomon glances at the displays on Esther's scanners, detailing the readouts on the distant grey globe. "It resides in the brown-level Goldilocks zone. While technically colonizable, Kelkin isn't self-sustaining. Given its lack of atmosphere and methane-ice surface, it would take a tremendous amount of effort to terraform. " "Right... " I mutter. "But I have Wordsmithing. The Volgrim and Demons don't. " Solomon stares at me for a moment, then turns to gaze at Kelkin. "Oh. That's an interesting idea. You're smarter than I expected, Jason Hiro. " "Your compliments feel like insults. " "Haha, take my words however you like. " A smile spreads across my face. "That's the trick, Solomon. We might not need to seek out colonizable planets. Maybe I can make my own and expand humanity's borders in a way that even the Volgrim can't. " Solomon taps his chin. "Terraforming is a costly feat the Volgrim only use when a planet is already sufficiently within the Goldilocks zone. A moon like Kelkin would be terrible for their technological capabilities. They could transform it into a habitable world, but it would take centuries and require an enormous amount of resources. If your Wordsmithing is capable of turning barren, desolate worlds into functional Earths, you'll have a huge leg up on the Volgrim. " Solomon leans forward. A huge smile spreads across his face. "So how about it? Try terraforming the moon. " Immediately, I shake my head. "Sorry, Solomon, but no can do. I don't have a millionth the magical capacity I need to pull off world-scale Wordsmithing. Hell, just trying to create a couple of generic three-story buildings nearly killed me. If I want to terraform Kelkin, it will take me several years, working in tiny increments. The only solution that will speed up the process is a massive boost to my mana capacity. " Solomon's smile disappears. I see. I don't yet understand all the intricacies of your life and powers. My apologies. Perhaps I'll spend tonight performing a deep-mind search to see if I can come up with a workaround. " I raise an eyebrow. "What do you mean by 'deep-mind search'? That sounds... invasive. " "You're wearing my crown, Jason, " Solomon says, offering a kindly smile. "The moment you put it on, my artifact downloaded all of your memories and knowledge, just as it has with countless other people. Where do you think I obtained my knowledge of theoretical physics, quantum mechanics, and other such complex scientific branches? I combined the experience and memories of countless geniuses to advance my own knowledge of the universe! " Slowly, I nod. "So... you can see all of my memories? All the embarrassing stuff that's happened to me? All of my, um... private thoughts? " Solomon facepalms. "Yes, yes. Don't you worry, though, boy. That unflattering moment from when you were fourteen and Lindsey rejected you is a far cry from some of the things I saw in Einstein's memories. Your minor blunders are hardly worth my attention when I've seen things that would make former world leaders blush with shame. " Solomon's words make me lower my eyes. ".. didn't reject me... " "No, no, my dear boy. You rejected her. Of course. " Hearing Solomon bring up one of my embarrassing moments from high school makes me want to crawl in a ditch and die. I tap Esther's controls, turn the ship around, and head back to Tarus II. 's call it a day. " "Haha. Yes, let's. " The atmosphere of Tarus burns around the ship as we begin our rapid descent. I glance at Solomon. "So, uh... I have a question. " "Hmm? " "You're the first Hero I've met. In-person, I mean. Can you tell me more about yourself? Your magic? " Solomon rubs his chin thoughtfully. "I never experimented with my magic. I was lucky to be born during a time of relative peace. I engaged in minor skirmishes against the demons here and there occasionally, but I never needed to exercise my heroic powers on the field of battle. " "Oh? What were your abilities? " Both of us gaze out at the long reach of a massive ocean as we fly lower and lower into Tarus II's atmosphere. "I don't know. My attributes leaned heavily toward intellect, rather than strength and agility. I think I possessed some ability to conjure holy energy, but I never used it in my day to day life. " "I guess you didn't need to. You know, being a king and all. " Solomon turns his head to look at me. "Say, Jason... something has been bothering me for a while. Regarding your status as a Hero, that is. " "Like what? " We quickly fly past the ocean and over the mountaintops. Hero City, built on a plateau, grows visible in the distance. Several of Bahamut's pyramids rise in the distance, giving the oddly modern-looking city a hybrid feeling of past-meets-present. It proves quite jarring. "Heroes typically were men and women of great influence. The Heroic Aura sought out those most likely to use their abilities for the greater good. Commoners rarely gained such power. Therefore, this begs the question of why it would possess you. After all, you are a relatively normal youth. Were your parents wealthy or famous? " I shake my head. "I don't remember them. I know my mother died before my second birthday. My father gave me up for adoption. " "He did? Strange. " Solomon shakes his head. "Do you remember who he was? " "No. The little I know is because of a few official documents I used to travel with between foster homes. As far as I'm concerned, my parents both died when I was a child. " My answer seems to satisfy Solomon, and he gazes at the specter of Hero City as we fly closer. While I bring the ship down to land in an empty field, the king nods slowly. "So you didn't know your parents, and you have the Heroic Spirit. Perhaps they knew of your importance. They might have been wealthy aristocrats or descendants of a royal bloodline. That would explain your abilities. " "I suppose that's possible. My father didn't leave me any money though, so I don't think he was wealthy. You might be grasping at straws. Didn't you imply the Heroic Aura sometimes possesses those not born from an important bloodline? " "I did, but a circumstance like that was scarce. Only a dozen or so cases that I know of. " The ship touches down a hundred feet from the city's perimeter. Forty curious onlookers peep out from behind a building. They must have seen Esther's arrival, and now they're worried we might be enemies. Solomon chews on his thumb. "You know, Jason... the last time a Hero appeared was around the beginning of the 20th century. I always wondered what happened to his descendants. " "That does sound strange, " I say, noncommittally. "I don't know anything about the past Heroes, though. Well, other than Joan and Arthur. " "Those are the ones everyone's heard of, along with me, " Solomon says with a wink. "How unfortunate that so many have forgotten the names of Jepthath, Caesar, and Sir Lorent. " Solomon and I both stand up and walk toward the exit hatch. The ramp extends down, and when the crowd of onlookers sees us, a collective sigh of relief fills the air. A few men, along with one Salamander, wander over. I recognize Ogie immediately. "Sweet 'n salty walnuts! You scared the stools out of us, " the Salamander says. "What in Sam-heck is that flyin' bullet thing? " "It's a spaceship, " I reply, not wanting to go into much detail. I notice several people looking at Solomon questioningly, so I decide to take him down a notch. "This guy is a ghost friend of mine named Solomon. He's nobody important. " The king gawks. "I beg your pardon?! " "Yeah, you heard me, grandpa. Wave at the townsfolk. " Solomon grumbles something under his breath. I only make out a few choice curses. Several minutes later, he and I arrive at the front of Bahamut's old palace, now redesignated my official home. The king curls his lip up. "You're slumming it, then? " "What? This is the best place in the city! Huge rooms, full course meals, all that good stuff. " "The aesthetic is dreadful. It looks like an average-sized office building. Have you no Heroic pride? " "We went over this already. It's still shameful. I'm surprised Saul allowed my spiritual descendant to live in such a horrid environment. When I see him next, I'm going to gouge his useless eyes out. " I cringe at his vivid description. "I don't think you need to go that far. " "Yes, but after all the training I gave him, he's making me look bad. Maybe I'll only flay an inch of skin from his body. Even I can be merciful. " I decide not to comment. We enter my home, and every step becomes unbearable as Solomon comments on this drab ornament or that ugly trinket, or how the lighting isn't complimentary. Multiple times, he begs me to use my Wordsmithing to change the walls to gold and silver. I do my best to tune him out. We make our way upstairs, and eventually, arrive at my bedroom door. When I open it, I catch the tail end of Phoebe speaking. "-his fault. I think he misunderstood. That's all. " "Yes, but it was hurtful. After everything I've done to help the humans, I just... I thought people would treat me differently. They still act like I'm part of a demon conspiracy to kill-" Samantha stops talking. She turns around to the doorway as Solomon and I enter. I wince at the tears on her face. "Uh... um... bad time? I can come back later... " The succubus quickly looks away and wipes her face. "It's fine. I should return to my room anyway. " "Wait, hold on. " I hold my hand up. "Samantha- I'm sorry. I came all the way here to say that. I overheard Hope saying something, and I jumped the gun. I shouldn't have accused you of anything. That was wrong of me. " The succubus's tail flicks around nervously. Samantha continues to sit on the bed without making any effort to get up, and stares at her crossed legs. "An apology. I don't know why, but I didn't expect that. " Phoebe stares at me. Her face shows anger, but everything else about her appears contemplative, as though she's spent the better part of twenty minutes playing devil's advocate on my behalf to try and explain my actions. She's too good for me. "I'm glad you came, Jason. We were talking about you the whole time. " "I, uh, figured as much. " My wife's eyes look to the ghostly figure standing beside me. "You brought a friend? " Before I can reply, Samantha turns around to look at me, but she registers Solomon as well. She starts to say something, but pauses a moment before speaking. "Do I know you? " Solomon shakes his head and beams a grin at her. "I'm Solomon. One of the ancient kings, also known as the smartest being in existence. I doubt we've met, for I could never forget one as beautiful as yourself. " His flattery doesn't affect her. "You're right. I'd remember someone as braggadocious as you. You do look familiar, but it's probably the whole royalty getup. I've known a few kings. " Solomon slides over to the bed and sits down, though his body makes no impression on the covers. "I wish I'd been one of them. " "Smooth. " Samantha rolls her eyes and turns back to me, forgetting Solomon exists within the span of two seconds. I should have told you I was a shapeshifter. I owe you an apology too. I didn't realize that humans would value appearances so much. If it makes you feel any better, this is my natural body. I don't enhance it in the slightest. " I blink. "Wait... I think there's been a misunderstanding... I wasn't worried about you abusing your, um, sex appeal. It was more of an espionage issue. " "How so? " A bead of sweat drips down my back. Come on, Jason! You just apologized, and now you're going to imply she's a shapeshifter who wants to infiltrate us for some nefarious purpose?! Talk about ruining the goodwill you just built!!.. I have to tell the truth. I have to tell Samantha what I saw. No more lying. I lean against the wall. "Here's the deal. I used 'Locate' and overheard Hope and Neil talking. They said that you... that you betrayed Uriel. You killed her or something. I don't know the details. On top of that, you can manipulate the emotions and feelings of those around you, and you can change your appearance. It was wrong of me to jump to conclusions, especially after you saved my life and Phoebe's in our battle against Amelia and Satan. However, surely you can see how combined with not wanting me to see the files about the Volgrim, I might assume you were-" "You saw the files? " Samantha interrupts me. Her voice turns cold as ice. "After I warned you not to look... you examined them anyway? " "I did. " Samantha lowers her head. "Jason... you crossed a line you shouldn't have. " "So what if I know about the aliens? What's the big problem? " Samantha flicks her eyes to Phoebe uneasily. She wants to keep the information about the Volgrim as tight-lipped as possible. A moment later, she seems to realize I'll tell Phoebe later anyway, so there's no point being secretive. "The problem is that nobody but the Emperors and Dukes know of the Volgrim's existence. No other demons, no monsters, and certainly no humans... nobody. It's part of our treaty. Due to issues we've had with uprisings in the past, the Volgrim only agreed to a cease-fire under the condition that we keep our arrogant elements in check. The moment word gets out about them and reaches any loose-lipped fellow; their weapons will train on us. " "Alright. I suppose you have a point. I don't really understand, but if that's the case, why let anyone have access to files like we found? " Samantha pulls on a loose string of hair. "You used that Crown, didn't you? Nobody should be able to decipher the computer files left behind except Ose. She's the one who devised all the systems that keep humans and demons in check. I don't know much about technology, nor do most demons, but she's a genius when it comes to it. Under normal circumstances, nobody I know could decipher those files. You're probably the only person who can. " A slight tinge of pride burns in my heart. Yeah, damn straight! I'm a genius too! Solomon smirks at me. His thoughts transmit into my mind. Only by using my power. "Well, Samantha, it's too late now. I saw the files. Oh, and when I did, Ose appeared inside my mind. She tried to take over my body, but she awakened Solomon instead, and he saved me. " A lightbulb pops up above Phoebe's head. She looks from me to my crown and then to Solomon. "Ahh! Solomon! His crown! He's the man who... oh my gosh! " Solomon snaps his fingers. "Yes! Now you understand! Tis' I, the most incredible, brilliant, and good-looking man who ever lived! I'm surprised it took you this long to realize! " Phoebe's surprise melts away instantly. You're that kind of person. " "What do you mean? " "Nothing. Never mind. " Solomon might be the most knowledgeable man in existence, but even he doesn't know everything. The thought comforts me. Samantha shifts on the bed and turns her whole body toward me. Seeing the front of the voluptuous succubus instantly gets my hormones raging, but I immediately suppress them. "Jason, we both made mistakes. Let's call it even and move on, okay? " I nod. "That's fair. " In the back of my mind, a nagging concern buzzes like an angry blowfly. Despite my immediate agreement with her words, I pivot on a dime. "Well, one thing. I do have to ask... What happened with Uriel? Can you explain that to me? " She shrugs. "It was a long time ago. Some people change in a day; some people need a few years. How much would you change if a hundred thousand years passed? " "A lot, I suppose. I still would like to know what happened, though. "... The succubus sighs. "I did what Satan ordered. Back then, we all did. " Samantha grips her leg firmly. A look of unease appears on her face. "It was part of a day in history known as the War in Heaven. Ninety-nine percent of all demons died, as did the majority of all angels. It was a bloodbath unlike any other. My job was to infiltrate and eliminate the forward guard so our forces could enter Heaven. I followed my orders. We made it inside. There isn't much to say otherwise. " "But... you killed Uriel, right? " Samantha's face turns ashen. "No! I would never do that! I wounded her badly, yes, but I hate killing. I'm a pacifist, Jason. I only fight if it's necessary. " "Sure, but you rushed back to the Labyrinth earlier to battle her as soon as that one Duke guy gave the word. " "He's a Baron, and his name is Orias. " Samantha shakes her head in annoyance. "I have obligations to the demons, Jason. More importantly, Uriel is a threat not only to my people but yours as well. She's a dangerous, unhinged lunatic who kills for sport. By the time Hope and I arrived, she had slain nearly a hundred thousand of my people. Would you prefer I let her rampage around unchecked? " "I suppose not. " "Good. " Samantha waves her hand at me, flippantly. "Perhaps you should ask Hope what the battle against her was like. He nearly died, after all. " The succubus seethes for a moment. "I wonder why Hope would say bad things about me after we fought together. Perhaps I should speak to him. The two of you are very aggravating sometimes. " Phoebe smiles and rubs Samantha's shoulder. "Yeah, that's men for you. But he's all mine! " "Tch. You can keep him, " Samantha says. However, despite her words, a trace of a smile appears on her face. I breathe a sigh of relief. Samantha doesn't hate me after all. Thank god.... Several minutes later, Samantha stands up and adjusts her clothing. "Well, um, sorry for weeping like a child. I'll be heading to my room now, Phoebe. " Phoebe waggles her fingers in the air. "See you around, Sammy. Drop by anytime! " "Trust me; I will. " Samantha walks past me as I sit on the bed. She stops a few feet away. "Jason, if you don't keep hold of Phoebe, I'll take her for myself. " "What? " "Ta-ta~! " She leaves the room and closes the door. Now only Phoebe, Solomon, and I remain. My wife glances at the ghostly man sitting beside me on the edge of the bed. how is this going to work? " "I don't know what you mean. " Her cheeks burn red. "Is Solomon going to follow you everywhere? All the time? " The king responds before I can think of an answer. "Oh, there won't be any problems. Just pretend I'm not here! I'll stand and watch silently as you two do whatever it is that young newlyweds do! " Phoebe's expression flattens. "That's not going to happen. " "Why not? " "I don't like lecherous old men. That's why. " Phoebe points at the Crown. "Make sure you take that off, tonight. I will, " I say with a smile. "No way this voyeur's getting a peep show. " Solomon's face turns crestfallen. "B-but Jason! I thought we were friends!! Phoebe is far more beautiful than the fairest lily in the bluest pond! Please, don't take away the only thing this poor old man lives for! " I lift the crown off my head. Solomon vanishes, leaving Phoebe and me alone. "Yeah, that sealed the deal. " I set the crown on the dresser beside the bed, then turn to my wife and smile. "A lot of stuff happened today. " "Mhmmm... " Phoebe flops onto her back and traces a circle on her collarbone. "I'm still mad at you for making Sammy cry. " "Aw, c'mon. I apologized! " "Yes, but you didn't apologize to me. " "I'm sorry. " Phoebe closes her eyes. "Okay. That'll do. " Grinning giddily, I reach for my belt buckle. "Great! Now that we're married, let's get out of these clothes! " "Somehow, I knew that would be the only thing on your mind. " Inwardly, I wince. Images of two thousand demon heads exploding appear in my mind. "No... not the only thing. ".................................................................. FOR RETURNING READERS FROM CLASSIC: Please use spoiler tags when commenting on anything that might ruin the story for new readers, especially if that information is based on your knowledge of Classic! This is what a spoiler looks like! Click it to reveal the text! >! This is what a spoiler looks like! Click it to reveal the text!! <.


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Hey! So I figured why not write my life story to here and converse about my feelings on the internet, here goes! You won't gain anything from reading this, skip it if you have more valuable things to do with your time. So currently I’m 25 years old. I had particularly bad adolescence which effected my thoughts and feelings. And generally I’m extremely frustrated with myself. Let’s rewind and visit some major points in my life and how they affected me. So, I was born in a culturally European part of a Muslim country. Both of my parents are educators so I was raised well in terms of education. Also, I don’t have any bad memories of my childhood. But there are some bad things that probably happened that I can't remember. Let me paint the picture: My parents had no friends and they were generally reserved people. My father was a extremely depressed and alcoholic physics teacher and my mother was a delusionally happy maths teacher. My father used to retreat to my parents room and work for the topics of physics. He was a perfectionist I guess. Leftie guy in uni so he always had problems with school. Finished 4-5 years late as far as my mom told me. And my mom was working extremely hard, always had students come to our house in order to take lessons from her. In good part of my childhood, I was locked away to my room because mom has a student with her and dad was working on physics. I wasn’t physically alone tho, I was with my narcissistic brother which is two years older than me. He always manipulated me and did all the fun stuff himself. For example, we had a PlayStation 1 and he always played with it. I remember playing for 20 minutes and him yanking the controller from my hand because “I was playing bad”. I wish I had the maturity to tell him at that time “hey buddy, i’m playing bad because while you play 4 to 5 hours a day, i can only do that for 20 mins and then i have to sit here and watch you, how can I play as good as you? ” alas, it wasn’t possible. This happened every time I'd like to spend time with him. Anyways, so what you can get from that is you can define my parents as negligent, even though both my brother and I were good in terms of education. I managed to get full scholarship from a prestigious primary school in 5th grade. Before that, I was studying at a public school. Anyways, that’s when things started to turn sour. I always heard that I was naturally “gifted”, “bright” and “smart”. My parents never acknowledged studying as a big part of my achievement, because me being “smart” was a proof of their smartness I guess. Whatever. Nothing happened as far as I can remember in sixth grade. In 7th grade, I became extremely close friends with this guy, who was rich as fuck and didn’t have my -my familiy's- concerns. And I liked that. We built a sizable community around with people who couldn’t care less about their education because they were rich. I wasn’t though. Because the way I was raised, I always tried to protect my friends. I always cared for others, and always knew the importance of community. This, of course, meant that I became a problem child who had somewhat of a critical thinking in terms of general authority structures in primary school. I started to go to discipline almost every week. We formed a group with knifes and shit, graffitied the school property, beat up little kids, bullied higher ups. Whatever right? We were kids. We were punk, before knowing what the fuck a punk is. I got beaten up, get insulted by my teachers all the time. I always questioned their methods of teaching, behavior, knowledge, etc. Then it happened, as my final act in 8th grade, I had enough with the authority. Facebook was becoming increasingly popular at this time, so I started a group. It had a manifesto and everything and I wrote about how the behavior of discipline committee is wrong, etc. But with that, I also made the mistake of insulting all of the school, calling it a brothel with stupid rules that we won’t follow. In retrospect, it was one of my first attempts in collective anarchism. Because I was just starting to get interested in leftist politics at that time. Anyways, after the group had like 100-150 people, some teacher found out about it. She printed all my insults, the fact that parents were following the group, etc. Being a private school, this put extreme pressure to higher ups of school so they punished me. My cruel punishment was that I wasn’t allowed to participate in any class, and they put me in this glass room where everyone would see me and look at me. They didn't kick me out of school mind you. I was basically a prisoner. I couldn’t go back to my classroom, I wasn’t even allowed to be near 6th, 7th and 8th graders. That fucking sucked. I also had a girlfriend at the time and her mother constantly berated her with the fact that I was a bad boi for her. So we broke up at the glass room. It happens, right? Then I prepared myself for the exam and went to high school. The high school was public, so at this point I’m not prepared to the “general public” at all. First thing I tried to do was to remove the unproductive thoughts from my life. I was ready to conform this time. But it never happened. Also, as the age allows, people started to question the things that I was questioning all the way from 4th grade. I wasn’t saying this as “I was smarter”, maybe my father was because he introduced me to these ideas. Anyways, therefore I adopted this mission of educating my fellow students through the knowledge and critical thinking I accumulated over the years. I became the “argument guy” in high school. This motivated me to search deep within the knowledge and arguments against popular beliefs. But the more I searched for knowledge and became good at arguing, I started to argue with myself harder. I remember always questioning every thing that I have read, populating arguments against it, defeating them with newly found knowledge, and going all over again. In terms of education this might be one of the good things that I’ve done. But this also meant that I slowly started to not get along with my peers. I wasn't enjoying their company anymore. It only makes sense right? Anyways, while these were happening, I couldn’t drop the problem child act. I started smoking in 8th grade, and in high school smoking was banned. With my intrinsic need to question authority, this became a big problem for me. I started to actively work against what my teachers told me. That created lots of problems. Almost every week I was in deputy manager’s office. Not a single teacher liked me apart from a biology teacher who never taught my class. That’s telling I guess. I formed a group here as well. We were protesting student representative elections, we were escaping the school for no reason, hanging out in canteen at class hours, arguing with teachers for no reason other than making us feel better about ourselves and logical conclusions that we came to. I mean, I did these things. I’m imagining they did as well. They were younger then me so I wouldn’t know if they lived the ideals of it as much as I did. This was basically me in high school. Anyways, I had a long distance girlfriend starting from the summer of 9th grade (2009). We were in different cities and always had love for each other. She liked me very much for some reason. I wasn’t that into it but as far as she was willing to come to my city and be chill about us being apart I was okay with it. But as time went she went incredibly dependent on me. Which I was not okay with. Tried to end the relationship 5-6 times in high school but for some reason I just couldn't. She always accepted me back when I tried to connect with her again when I felt lonely. But for some reason, I always felt like I didn’t really *love* her. I knew the relationship is therefore dishonest but never actually talked to her about my feelings as honest as I'm writing here. I think the comfort of having a girlfriend for my entire high school life comforted me for some reason. But it always left a sour taste in my mouth. I was becoming increasingly depressed about our relationship. And things slowly started to worsen everyday. Will come back to this later. At the final grade while I was studying to university acceptance exam, things went south. My parents got divorced. Throughout my high school life, my parents were starting to fell apart. They started a business together, which, evidently, was a bad idea. Anyways, you can imagine the effects this had over my mental situation. I was actually relieved when they said that they were gonna divorce because they were often arguing when they were together. My brother picked up gaming to the extreme degree while these were happening. While I was in 10th grade, I remember my mother crying and yelling at him angrily almost once a week because of his addiction. He didn’t care. He fought my father almost always. They weren’t talking at all when my parents announced the plans to divorce if I remember correctly. Even when they were announcing their divorce, he wasn't in the room. I haven't heard from my father ever since leaving that room too. I know he's alive. But he wouldn't talk to me. Why? Therefore, the burden of the break up fell to my shoulders. In 12th grade, I went to court, gave my witness statement, etc. I was preparing for exam while dealing with this shit. I couldn’t hang out with my friends at this point either because constant barrage of my girlfriend’s toxic jealous restrictions had a toll on me. It got to a point where I had to close my phone just so I can go to a bar in order to celebrate a friend's birthday. Guess what she did? Went in to my facebook, messaged all my friends and get a hold of my friend’s phone in order to talk with me. She was crying out of her fucking mind when my friend gave the phone to me. I think this would summarize the general behavior of her towards me when we are away from each other. So, to summarize, at this point in my life I was having problems with my school, my gf, my friends, my family. The depression of all of these came and hit me like a train. I was becoming more and more depressed every day. I cut my communication with my then gf, stopped studying for university and would just open a book and space out. Everyday, I would solve ten question of maths and start to disassociate. Every. Single. Day. Then I figured changing cities and going to another city in order to study would be the best course of action. So, I did exactly that. With disregarding the fact that my gf would come to my city in order to live with me. I dodged that shit and went to a different city. I said, again, that we should break up. She didn’t accept, again. Which made me feel worse about the situation. I could’ve just fucking cut communications completely but I was already feeling like a fucking trash about it so I figured if I continue communicating with here while I was in different city, eventually she would like to end the relationship as well. It’s the uni we are talking about here, eventually she could find another guy. Right? Fucking wrong. Anyways, when I started the university in another city, I felt like a fucking alien. I couldn’t even understand half the shit they were saying, their values and general thoughts about life became increasingly weird to me. After finishing the first year early (in 1 term instead of 2), I just sat at home in a different city alone and played games that I don’t really like that much. My mental situation became worse. I was living in a full blown depression at this point. I remember not leaving my bed for weeks. I always ordered food, so I didn’t even leave the house for 4 months. Just sitting there by myself, browsing internet, talking with no one but myself and some gaming friends and my gf, that’s it. At the second year, I talked with no one. Like literally, not a single fucking soul from my faculty. I isolated myself from everyone because I had enough with everyone’s shit. Bad decision. After some serious consideration, I started to become friends with people. That made the school at least bearable. But guess what happened then? I got an F for not participating in physics labs even though they assured me that because I was irregular I don’t have to actually go to the lab and just solve the tests. After I went to my teachers office for discussing it with a proof of my counselor's email, he just looked at me blank and said “yeah, i can’t do nothing about it at this point”. The irritation that I felt when I realized that I have to take a phys-102 class again because of their fucking mistake. I can’t fucking begin to describe you, especially after all that I lived regarding education. My situation became worse. When I became increasingly suicidal at some point, I figured I have to go back. I have to go back to the agony that I call home. I have to go back to all that fighting, crying, sleepless nights. On top of it all, my gf that I don’t really love that much was there as well. Oh well. I figured why the fuck not? So at this point i’m two years into the education. I decided to go back. Which meant I had to drop everything I did in two years and start all over again in a private university. Same major as well. Computer Engineering. Dude, I can’t begin to tell you the boredom I felt every day going to that school. At first hanging out with my gf was cool because that meant I don’t have to spend time with my now broken family. But that didn’t last as well. Anyways, somehow I survived the two repeat years. At last, I was picking up where I left and things will become better eventually right? No. It became increasingly worse. I stopped enjoying anything at all. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn't play games. I couldn't listen to music. I couldn’t love. I couldn’t do anything at all. I felt empty, all the time. Our economical situation worsened by the way. So I had that issue added to my plate as well. My brother had gave up on living at this point. I kid you not, he wasn’t even going to bathroom in order to pee. His room was worse than a stereotypical crack house. My gf had an almost diagnosis with problems of her brain as well (imagine living with a diagnosis called "maybe epilepsy"), which increased her anxiety to the point where I could fucking sense it while lying in bed next to her. I couldn’t sleep next to her as well because I snored. I remember begging her to go home and sleep, but she insisted for me to stay. I was a fucking trash at this point so whatever she says I would do. She’s the only human being that I was comfortable talking with anyways. That was a fucking mistake because she became more and more attached to me. I couldn’t have a single fucking weekend to myself or any of my friends. I have to almost always go to her place, fuck and watch series while eating pizza. It may sound like a good life, but after repeating this for 2 years it became the worst thing I have done in my whole life. It was boring me to the uncomfortable levels. Believe me. So at the third year, it became worse. I didn’t want to do it. She - hopefully unintentionally - forced me. I agreed. Because I was a human garbage anyways right? Who cares about my fucking feelings? Certainly not her because she had enough of my “complaints”. I abided. At some point, I couldn’t tho. Like, I couldn’t in a physical sense. I always wanted to yoink her to the ground when we were having sex. It became increasingly irritating. To the point when my dick stopped working. Imagine adding erectile dysfunction to this mess at 22 year old. Oh what you said? Is it normal if I feel this way that I might not want to have sex? That’s fucking crazy talk to my 22 year old ears buddy. I always thought that I have became asexual, if that is even possible. So that was it, I wasn't enjoying the last thing I enjoy doing in this life. My only way out was certain, killing myself. I don’t have the strength to break up with her anyways. I emotionally lived breaking up 6 times at this point, I couldn’t handle one more. When I caught myself actually planing for suicide and gathering the items necessary to do it, I understood that I need help. Lucky for me, my gf went to USA for work and travel so I had the time to work on myself for the first time in years. I went to therapy and increasingly became better throughout the summer. She still fucked my life from other side of the ocean but whatever, I was getting better. I was taking care of myself for the first time. I was working out. I was eating healthy. To the point I build up enough strength to break up with her this time. When she came back from US, I tried again. Guess what happened when I tried? Dude she became fucking insane. I couldn’t believe the catharsis I saw before my eyes. She begged, cried, done all the things she could to break my determination. She threw herself to ground. Constantly yelling. And oh boy, it fucking worked. I simply couldn’t continue. She promised me that it would get better. It didn’t. But eventually she found the strength to break up with me. We damaged each other so much in this 9 year period that she finally realized the damage we have done to each other is catastrophic. I still had one year left in my second university. But it was gonna be okay. I started to rebuild my life from scratch. Connected with old friends, downloaded dating apps, started to do things that I actually liked after 4-5 years of constant conformity. I wasn't talking to my brother for two years and I rebuilt our relationship. And, my dudes, I felt the freedom. Turns out, it was the freedom that I fought for from the beginning of my early education years. Things didn’t improve instantly tho. Living with early set clinical depression for 7-8 years, isolating myself from everyone, all the fucked up things that I said to myself over the years took a plunge to me. I still have certain defense mechanisms that made me survive my past, toxic life. I still lie without intending to do it. I still live my emotions in extremes. I still struggle with addiction. I still struggle understanding my family. I still struggle with the results of isolation. I still go to therapy. My grip with reality is not that solid because of all the daydreaming I have done over the years as an escape. I can't trust my emotions anymore. I can't trust my reasoning anymore. Also, I'm showing all the symptoms of bipolar type 2 but I'm too afraid to bring it up to my therapist. I'm probably exaggerating anyways. Right? But I’m trying. And for the first time in my 25 years of life, I feel free. I feel unburdened. I feel like an actual being. I feel like I managed to do it. And I’m trying so fucking hard to be normal again. But seemingly no one acknowledges it. I actually am trying so hard. I'm trying to be open and honest about my feelings. I'm trying to be better to myself. I'm trying to love myself. I'm trying so fucking hard after all this. But no one really knows the whole picture. Because who would want to listen to a sob story of a guy? For how long? The entire time I wrote this, I constantly told myself "who cares" and "bohoo so bad for you wow what a bad life" and shit. That's how my mind works now. I think this life inherited that to me. Which I hate. I'm trying to better it. I'm trying to fight my superego every day. My mind is fucking rushing with anxiety most of the times that I numb my head with drugs or alcohol. I always try to justify myself. I always try to get a hold of my mind. I always over analyze every action that I made and every feeling that I have as a result of psychotherapy. I still question my sexuality. I still find it hard to form relationships with people. I still disassociate in every possible social setting. I'm extremely confused about life, my truths and my thoughts. I hate this feeling but I acknowledge that with enough practice they will eventually stop being a problem. Hopefully guys. Hopefully I'll undo all of this. Hopefully I'll become the person that I'd become if I haven't lived this life. Am I the asshole? I don't know. But even if I was back then, I'm actively trying to better myself. I think that counts for something, right? Also, I'd like to point out that there are two sides to every story and don't take my words as the only truth. I'm sure if these people came here and talked, I myself would agree with some of their points. Didn't want to offend anyone at all while writing this, so if I did that I'm actually sorry. tl;dr: Battle with life. My depression and anxiety, and possible reasons for it. Trust me when I say you won't miss anything if you skip it. Love always, D.

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